I can’t stress enough how important this is. I’m coming from a point of experience when I say this as I spent the better part of my adult life extremely overweight.

Getting out and keeping fit and healthy makes your working life so much better and more productive.

I’m off taking part in my biggest physical challenge to date starting tomorrow. This weekend I’m taking part in LETape Australia. This is a cycling event riding out of Jindabyne in southern NSW and will certainly test my cycling ability and endurance. Its a 108km route through the snowy mountains and will present quite the challenge I’m sure, especially with an elevation profile like this.


I don’t do this stuff to race or for any other reason than keeping fit. I never want to return to being big me again. This is how I’ll do life from here on in.

As employers, we should promote a healthy lifestyle in our workforce as the benefits are endless.

  • Less Sick Days
  • More Production
  • Fewer Injuries
  • Employee’s with more focus and drive

These just to name a few.

Make 2019 the year to get involved with your worker’s sports or active hobbies. It doesn’t need to be financial, it just needs to be a show of support and an interest. Who knows, you may even find yourself enjoying a new activity you have never tried before.

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Get outside and after it! Whatever your chosen activity is. You won’t know yourself.