Falling objects cause a lot of injuries in workplaces around Australia every year. There are simple controls we can all use to avoid these types of injuries.

Get some of your workers involved and think about your workplace and whether there are any risks of falling objects. Discuss this and consider the following.

Firstly, where you can, put something in place to stop the object from falling. If objects aren’t falling, they can’t hurt people.

You can prevent falling objects by installing a secure barrier, screening nets or catch platforms.

Secondly, if you can’t prevent an object from falling, stop it free-falling. Develop a safe system of raising and lowering the object.

Thirdly, where you can’t prevent an object from free-falling, make sure it doesn’t hurt someone.

You can do this by:

  • establishing exclusion zones
  • providing overhead protection on mobile plant

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If there are risks of falling objects, wearing a safety hard hat is imperative.

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