SafeWork NSW and Trade Safety are encouraging businesses to remember their workers’ mental health after a Hunter Valley tradesman was convicted of failing to take reasonable care that his actions did not adversely affect the health and safety of two young workers.

The defendant pleaded guilty to having failed to comply with his obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act NSW (2011) to take reasonable care that he did not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons.

The carpenter and joiner admitted to bullying behaviour towards two workers over an extended period of time including verbal abuse, name-calling, swearing, belittling and threats.

The tradesman’s behaviour caused the young apprentices to feel distressed and anxious, with both reporting to be fearful of going to work.

The court ordered the tradesman to pay $6000.00 in fines and all costs and attend courses/training in bullying and harassment and anger management and emotional intelligence.


Trade Safety takes this sort of behaviour very seriously as in extreme cases this can lead to incredible emotional distress to the affected workers. We supply all our SharePoint Clients with specific policies and procedures for dealing with bullying and harassment at work and it is also a standard inclusion in our workplace inductions. This is all in aid of ending this type of behaviour in our workplaces and/or dealing with issues as they arise in a fair and just manner.

There is no place for bullies in our workplaces and no need for anyone to put up with it.

Always remember, If you are feeling like you are being bullied at work, please raise it with your supervisor or your preferred Management representative.

Stay Safe my friends!