I’ve worked in a number of larger industry workplaces like underground and open cut coal mines and multi-story constructions sites in Sydney. Due to the nature of the work the risks involved and the profit margins these places have extensive teams managing their work health and safety (WHS) systems.

In the case of a much smaller business, it is not practical to have a huge WHS system that requires full-time WHS people to run it.

In my experience, one of the biggest issues smaller business face is when an issue or action is raised there is no way to follow it up or check if it has been done. From my experience, they often fall through the cracks and its not until we have another issue or incident that the problem then gets fixed. Too little too late!

The bigger businesses have IT people running elaborate intranet type computer programs and systems that allow you to assign someone an action and the system generates emails and reminders and allows people to see what is being done about any specific action at any time. It’s a really great way to make sure issues relating to WHS are being resolved and our workplaces safety is improving.

Well, I’m happy to announce that Trade Safety now has this type of facility for our small business clients and the best thing is for those that get a new WHS Pack from us with SharePoint. It’s free!

Screenshot 2018-10-04 09.07.30

Our clients get a SharePoint of their own. This comes with a Planner in which actions can be assigned and followed up. it works with outlook calendars and sends emails to the assignee’s showing them they have something to do. You can add attachments, create checklists mark the action as not started, in progress or complete. etc etc etc.

Finally, a great way for us little guys to make sure we are getting our workers ideas and requests sorted and our workplace as safe as possible.

Screenshot 2018-10-04 09.07.58

For a bit of a rundown on how this all works, give Russ a call. Or, drop into the office at Warner’s Bay some time. Happy to show you. It’s Awesome!